Episode 147: Tournament of 80s New Wave Bands

March 19, 2018

We Just Can't Get Enough of these March-Madness-style music brackets, so Baconsale is going to Talk Talk and use our Weird Science to determine which 1980s new wave band is the best. Don't Get Me Wrong, you may say it's a Cruel Summer when your favorite bands are eliminated, but don't Panic, it's a Good Thing. As for declaring an ultimate winner. we Save It For Later because we only make it through the first round in this episode. But which artists will still be Alive and Kicking at the end?
No More Words! Everybody Have Fun Tonight and press play!

Print Your Own Baconsale 80s New Wave Bracket at Baconsale.com.


BaconBit: Tomb Raider Review

March 16, 2018

Video game adaptations don't have a good track record, but can this latest Tomb Raider film break the stereotype? Kent and Joel saw it, and they're ready to give their review. Well, Joel would like to give his review. Kent just wants to talk about his crush on the polygons that made up Lara Croft in the 90s . . . and his current crush on Alicia Vikander.

Press play to see if Warner Bros. Pictures has finally uncovered the secret to a good video game movie. And don't worry, the first half the episode is spoiler-free.


Episode 146: Lord of the Fries

March 12, 2018

Would you like fries with that? We don't. At least, not for a while, because for this episode we have eaten crinkle-cut, curly, shoestring and waffle fries from 22 different fast food restaurants, including McDonald's, In-N-Out Burger, Arby's and Chick-fil-A. Then we created a French fry matrix to scientifically compare each deep-fried & salted potato side, and are now ready to present to you our official Baconsale rankings.

Press play to hear how Jacob tried to sabotage our scoring, what kind of gross comparisons Kent can come up with for the fries he doesn't like, and Joel's history lesson on who invented fry sauce.


BaconBit: A Wrinkle in Time Review

March 10, 2018

What? Two BaconBit episodes in one week? We must love you, listener. OR...Kent and Joel really, really wanted to talk about the new A Wrinkle in Time movie. But why? Did they feel like it was a beautiful adaptation of a beloved novel finally brought to the silver screen? Or did they find this film to be a huge mess of color, CGI and close-ups that is doomed to fail? Only Giant Space Oprah knows for sure.

Press play to tesser to the world of Baconsale!


BaconBit: And the 2018 Oscar Winners Are…

March 9, 2018

Now that the 90th Academy Awards are over and done with, it's time for Kent and Joel to compare their answers and see who got the most right and who wins the coveted Caveman Burger. But wait! What's this? Jacob has submitted answers as well? And he had over a week and a half longer than the other two to prepare his ballot? Hmmmm, that seems a little shady…

Press play to hear us discuss the lowest-rated Oscars in broadcast history!


Episode 145: This Show is Underrated!

March 5, 2018

About 77 episodes ago we discussed some of the most overrated things on the planet. Now, however, Baconsale is going the opposite direction—we're talking about underrated things. No, Kent, we don't mean guilty pleasures and no, we don't want your hipster picks, either (he has a hard time with that). Our categories today include undervalued boy band members, sitcoms, disco songs, Disney sidekicks, kids TV shows and more!

And we hope you never underestimate how much we love it when you hit that play button!


Episode 144: 2018 Oscar Predictions

February 26, 2018

Get excited! Baconsale is ready to try and muster up some enthusiasm for the 90th Academy Awards! Even though our brains aren't working (we can't read!), we're still going to make predictions about who is going to get an Oscar for acting, directing, writing, sound mixing and the rest of the 24 categories. And with a Caveman Burger on the line, the stakes have literally never been higher.

Press play to hear us struggle with how to keep the topic of "fish love" family friendly, reveal who loves Christopher Nolan more and debate how Willem Dafoe could whistle and smile at the same time.
Plus, you can make your own predictions for the 2018 Oscars and possibly win a lunch with Baconsale.


Episode 143: Choose Your Own First Date

February 19, 2018

After discovering differences between Kent and Joel's dating styles during last week's episode, Baconsale has decided to roll the dice and determine who is the better dater—or rather, who is the better Kent. Jacob has created another Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/Dungeons-&-Dragons-style story about meeting a girl and going on a first date, and he brought along Zack to keep score and help declare a winner.

Press play to hear Kent & Joel try to win, and try their best to not sing along to La La Land and Hamilton!


BaconBit: Black Panther Review

February 16, 2018

Wakanda forever! Or is it? Kent, Joel and Jacob are ready to review the first big movie of the year, Black Panther. But will Kent's deeply ingrained hate of Marvel bleed into his feelings for the world of T'Challa, vibranium and Martin Freeman? Will Jacob have clear feelings about his feelings for this film? And will Joel rate using letters or stars? All these questions and more will be answered on this BaconBit!

Oh, and don't worry, the first 15 minutes are spoiler free! Listen away!


Episode 142: When a Man Loves Some Love Songs

February 12, 2018

Look into our eyes and you will see what these songs mean to us, because today Baconsale is talking about some of our favorite love songs. We're picking some of the most romantic (and cheesy) tunes for a series of categories, such as best duet, most overplayed and the song that defines our dating years. SPOILER ALERT: Kent is awkward and sweaty around women, whereas Joel has been kissing girls since elementary school. . .but he still acts pretty weird at dances.

Press play to enjoy this episode—and we hope you do because everything we do, the listener, we do it for you.